Celebrating 60 Years: an invitation to our former students

Dear Former Student,

For six decades, our school has been serving the local community, first as Elwood High School and now as Elwood College. This year we are celebrating our 60th anniversary and hope many of our former students can be involved.

Save the Date:
26 November, 2017

Please put Sunday 26 November in your diaries to celebrate the anniversary with us and your fellow alumni at Elwood College.

Do you have photos, memorabilia or stories from your time at Elwood? We would love to feature them on the day; please email alumni@elwood.vic.edu.au.

It’s an exciting time at Elwood College as we celebrate the school’s history while looking forward to the future. We are currently undergoing a $10 million rebuilding phase and will be excited to show you our new learning complex in November. We will eventually be saying goodbye to our original buildings on Shelley Street and Goldsmith Street. Of course, these buildings hold many memories for former students and teachers and will be available for a final visit during the anniversary celebrations.

Share Your Story

We are very proud of our alumni – both recent graduates and those from the Elwood High days. In fact, we feature the stories and memories of many past students at http://www.elwood.vic.edu.au/past-students.

Throughout the anniversary year, we would like to invite former students to return to Elwood College to share their stories with our students. Would your story inspire young people? Do you have a particular skill or career expertise to share? We would love to discuss how we can share your life experience for the benefit of our young people. Again, email us at alumni@elwood.vic.edu.au if you would like to be involved.

Contacting Past Students & Teachers

Can you help us get in touch with former students and staff who may wish to attend the anniversary. Please forward this email on to your friends or they can email alumni@elwood.vic.edu.au to join our email list.  

We will keep you informed (periodically) as the anniversary approaches and look forward to seeing you on Sunday 26 November!

Todd Asensio
Assistant Principal