Commerce Week

This year's Commerce Week was a wealth of enjoyment, rich in business-related activities. 

Students played commerce games during lunchtime, competed in a Shark Tank contest and bought wares from stalls run by the 1/2 VCE Business Management class for Market Day.

For the Shark Tank competition, students had to design and pitch a product to be judged by the four sharks, Year 12 students Teodora Boskovska and Byron Jones, and teachers Ms Jessop and Mr Tzimas. These pitches included product overviews, marketing approaches, target markets, proof of market, social and ethical considerations, and competitors. 

Yea 8 student Liam Auchettl won first prize for his reusable wet wipes pitch. Year 7 students Ruby Thomas and Hannah Lowndes came in second place with their positive mirror, which aims to combat low self-esteem, and Year 10 students Adele Kirkpatrick and Ruth Quinn came in third place with their sustainable compost compactor. 

On Market Day, the Atrium was buzzing with students eager to purchase a range of products from the Business Management students.  

After observing last year's inaugural Market Day, this year's vendors had a notable edge with their knowledge of their target market - the majority of the stalls this year were food-based, allowing the class to bring in a total of $771.25 in a single lunchtime period! The profits were donated to Launch Housing, a Melbourne-based charity that provides services to people experiencing homelessness. 

Year 10 students Clark Soroczynski and Ollie Smith wrote about their experience as part of the Business Management class:

The preparation leading up to Market Day was challenging for each group in different ways. To start, each group had to put together a marketing plan, which outlines the market analyses that were conducted and the processes/techniques that will be implemented on Market Day. In order to cover each of these areas efficiently we delegated the tasks amongst our groups. Each group then either bought or made their product, which meant we had to either organise a supplier or decide who in our group would make the product. When Market Day came around we spent the period before lunch setting up our stall and making everything look good. As all the teachers and students came out for lunch our stall got quite busy, but by setting ourselves roles and shifts to  cover we got through it successfully. In the end The total amount raised from all the stalls was $771.25, with the stall that raised the most money naturally being the sausage sizzle stall, with just over $170! All the profits went to the East St Kilda Crisis Accommodation charity, Launch Housing. Great job to everyone who was involved with such a success!