Live Music is Good for You

Well done to the students who performed in the Live Music is Good For You festival at the Royal Melbourne Hospital on Friday, 5 May: 

Marven Lim, Siobhan Tomelty, Peggy Lucas, Henry Lucas, Orlando Treleani, Hugh Cowie, Copper Taylor-Bogaars, Vadhana Anil Ram, Madisyn Soroczynski, Corey Jones, Jonathan Zuk, Timna Shushan, Lily Lau, Izzy Hodgman, Clancy Lee, Jackson Clothier, Paris Malthouse, Eric Farrugia, Rowan Daly, Jack Mardling and Georgie Stone.

The annual festival sees musicians undertake workshops with the hospital's music therapy staff and perform for patients, staff and visitors all around the hospital.