Middle school survival skills camp

Sports teaching assistant Harry Ross reports: 

On Wednesday 13th of November, Ms Krutli's Survival Skills class embarked on an epic adventure to Lake William Hovell in Cheshunt South. The group arrived at the lake early which allowed for a relaxed steady paced 8km hike up to the campsite, Sandy Flat.

The highlight of the hike to the campsite was when Mr. Ross, full of confidence decided to cross a river without putting his shoes on properly, he ended up falling into the river and subsequently wore shoes correctly crossing every other river.

After settling in and setting up camp, the group ate dinner around the fire and indulged in a high octave game of sardines before settling into bed.

Up at 7am the students were bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for the day ahead. After a scrumptious breakfast and quick pack up the group hiked 5km down to top end crossing to partake in some activities.

Once the group had arrived it was straight to lunch followed by a couple of gamesstudents then had time to relax by the river and enjoy the natural environment that surrounded them.

It was another 5km hike back to the campsite, this did not seem to faze the students as they remained in high spirits the entire way.

After dinner, students devoured some marshmallows, each having their own "unique" way of cooking them with various degrees of success. A game of camouflage followed and then it was off to bed ready for the hike back to the bus in the morning.

Up even earlier the next day (but you couldn't tell from the students body language), they all seemed happy to get going. Once back at the bus it was a quick pack-up and then back to school.

The trip was a great success thanks to Ms Krutli and her great planning, although I'm sure if she could change something it would be not letting Mr. Ross bring baked beans for dinner.

Students enjoyed the hiking, camping and outdoor activities. However, if you were to ask them what their favourite bit was they'd all go "well obviously it was getting Maccas on the way back"