Principal's Note: Building Update

Hello Everyone

After a fantastic finish to their school education (including a wonderful Valedictory Dinner with family and friends), our Year 12s are now well into their second week of exams, which are taking place in the Science and Language Centre.  As they entered their first exam last week (English), it was hard to believe that this would be the last time that they assembled as a ‘whole’ group at school.  We look forward to their official farewell at Presentation Night on 22 November at St Kilda Town Hall. Whether your child is an award recipient or part of the performance program or not, it would be wonderful to have you come along with your child and celebrate the successes of the year. 

While the building work continues to accelerate in what feels like continually diminishing grounds (at the moment), our students have been fantastic – without complaint. We are now slightly behind in the construction schedule. The estimated new building ‘handover’ date is 12 December 2017. It looks fantastic from the outside and ‘absolutely’ fantastic from the inside!  So the wait will be well worth it.  

Refurbishment has now commenced on the second floor of the Glenhuntly Road building.  The estimated completion date for the second floor is the first day of the new school year.  Refurbishment on the first floor and in the admin area will commence in December with an estimated completion by the end of February 2018.

The last of our ‘old’ buildings will be demolished in March 2018.

With increasing numbers, a new modular three-storey building will also be in place by March 2018 and in December this year we are expecting the arrival of two brand new, air-conditioned portables to provide additional teaching and learning spaces.

Our Environment Committee is now working on our grounds master plan, which will provide direction for all work over the next few years.  Students have provided feedback as to what they would like to have access to during their recess and lunchtime breaks. 

Lots of interesting reports and fantastic student photos further in this newsletter – from sport and camps to performing arts.  

Please set aside a little bit of time on Sunday 26 November (between 1pm and 4pm) to help celebrate our 60th birthday.

Warm Regards
Rhonda Holt