Science Snippets

There were thankfully no tears when 8C took a closer look at onions last week. Head of Science Jess Karunaratne took happy snaps. Thanks to students Chloe Gent and Teodora Boskovska for their reports.

Chloe: "In Year 8 science we are studying microbes and today we looked at a plant cell. We made our own onion slides to look at under the microscopes. We put blue dye on it so we could clearly see the cells. Everyone was able to have a look at each other’s and some people had different colours. I think everyone enjoyed having a look at the cells."

Teodora: "This term we have been learning about microbes. These few lessons in science we have been discovering and discussing cells. We have started using microscopes and learning how to use them. We were taught how to read the magnifying glass and how important it is when you are drawing a single cell that you always include how much you’re magnifying items by, the title, and that your drawing has to fill up half a page and be very carefully drawn. In today’s lesson we had an opportunity to get into groups and make our own cells that we could look at under the microscope. We used a very thin layer of an onion and placed it on a slide. Due to the onion being so clear we added in blue dye and some water. The blue dye made the onion look so much clearer under the microscope, you could see all the borders between the cells and it looked amazing."