Science Week

Year 7 students Alexandra Thomas and Eden Saunders report.

Last week was Science Week. Loads of people showed up every day. (Except for Wednesday, it wasn’t on on Wednesday.)

On Monday, we made catapults with popsicle sticks and rubber bands. Our task was to catapult a marshmallow with potential elastic energy and turning it into kinetic energy. It was fun but most people found it difficult. A few people managed to catapult their marshmallows, but not many. It was interesting to watch the other groups working and getting ideas from them. In the end, we ate our marshmallows and that was it.

On Tuesday, we were tasked with turning a light on using grapefruits and wires. We got to choose two metals to put into our grapefruits. The choices were: zinc, copper, nail, and magnesium. No one managed to light their lights, but we weren’t too sad. This was because we started exploding a watermelon using the potential elastic energy of rubber bands! Sadly, we didn’t get to finish exploding our watermelon as we ran out of time. But, we finished the job off on the next Monday.

On Wednesday, we didn’t do anything because lunchtime was cut short because we had an assembly.

On Thursday, we experimented with Coca-Cola and Pepsi. We all drank small cups of each to distinguish the difference between them. In the end it was half and half, with some thinking Coke was Pepsi and some thinking the Coke was actually Coke. In the neighbouring room we did a sniff test. There were nine different scents located on different tables. We got into partners and put a blindfold on one of the two people. Then we went around the room and got the blindfolded person to try to identify the scents. The best score was five out of nine. It was interesting at the end when we were told what all of them were, because most of them looked very different to how they smelled.

On Friday, we watched a video about recycling and rubbish. It was very interesting and encouraged us to be more rubbish smart. So afterwards we did an activity (pictured) to sort different rubbish items different bins (recycling, rubbish, compost and soft plastics that supermarkets recycle). We got most right but some were wrong and it was interesting to see what bin it actually went it. Finally, we created a biosphere (though it was not a sphere) for a plant (pictured). The teachers taught us how to do it and it was really fun to make!

Overall, we think it was very fun and we learnt a lot and we’re sure most of us have been inspired to do some of the things we did at home!