SRC Congress

Year 9 student Sequoia Pather reports on the 2019 SRC Congress 

On Wednesday the 4th of December the SRC members of 2020 participated in SRC Congress.

The day consisted of the members of SRC establishing the standards of behaviour and expectations. We also read over and got an understanding of the new structure of the SRC and the executive roles and we brainstormed ways of improving the roles within SRC.

Between all the delicious snacks and chatting about ideas, we reflected on the projects that we did and didn’t get around to in 2019. One of the most interesting parts of the congress was coming up with new ideas and projects for 2020.  

After brainstorming all of our ideas, goals and focuses we came to the conclusion that taking care of and protecting our environment was the most popular topic discussed that we wanted to put into action. SRC is going to strive to make our school as communal and sustainable as possible. Not only for the environment but also for the wellbeing of our community.

But before we got into any of the serious work and planning, we got to know each other - some new to the SRC and some not. To do this we took part in a variety of team building activities that helped break down barriers and work together to overcome challenges. 

After the congress, I am excited about what SRC will achieve next year. I also noticed that the majority of our members want to work on environmental projects which is great because of the current issues of our climate crisis.

The day was great, we got to know each other and get an understanding of what everyone wants to achieve in SRC for 2020.