Stepping Up to Year 12

School Co-Captain Taylor Dale reports on the Step Up Seminar held on 3-4 February.

Year 12 is generally considered to be one of the most daunting years of schooling. With the stress of exams in the not too distant future, and the uncertainty of how to survive it all, the 2015 class of Year 12 was treated to a two-day seminar teaching us how to “step up” to the challenge.

The program consisted of many workshops held by both our teachers and staff from Elevate Education, all of whom had recently completed Year 12 with exceptional results. Together they helped to inspire and encourage our cohort, giving strong advice on how to better prepare ourselves for the months ahead. From the importance of meditation to the best way to store notes, these two days covered it all and helped ease the transition into our final year.

The overall consensus was that this was time well spent. A definite highlight was the Elevate Education crew. Having done extensive research from top scoring students across Australia, the Elevate team were able to give us the proven techniques that would allow us to perform to our fullest potential.

On behalf of the year 12s, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Mr Spring, Ms Bentley, Mr Kinch, Ms Pollock, Mr England and Ms Hutton for all their time and effort organising this event. It was truly motivating to see how manageable this busy year can be.