Talent Night

Congratulations to all the students who performed at Talent Night and the SRC organisers.

The Phoenix Theatre was packed for the 7 June event, with MCs Vanessa Charles and Raffy Blay leading us through a sensational showcase of our talented students.

Year 10 student Clancy Lee won first prize for her sensational hula hoop act. 

"For the second year in a row, Clancy blows us away with her hula hooping abilities, ending her act with hooping with 60 hoops!" the SRC reported on its Facebook page.

Second prize went to Year 9 student Kai Zalmon for an "incredible improv piece on keyboard".

In third place was Year 10 student Copper Taylor-Bogaars, "our extremely talented resident circus man" who "wowed us with the ability to woo the audience, ride a unicycle and juggle all at the same time".

Special thanks to our judgets: alumni Yasin Leflef, teacher John Harte, student Duke Wilson and principal Rhonda Holt.

Finally, big props to our performers: Nader, Tamer and Elissa Burjawi; Keir Graham; Marven Lim and Jackson Clothier; Kai Zalmon; Jonathan Zuk; Copper Taylor-Boggers; Monica Ising and Emilyia Levene-Mpadinis (act name Monille); Henry and Peggy Lucas; Georgie Stone; Hossein Saeidi, Clancy Lee; and Victoria Szydlik.

Photography by Maggie Kontev and Copper Taylor-Bogaars.