Upcoming whole school production: Skulduggery

Tickets are now on sale for Elwood College’s annual whole school production. A cast of 33 students will perform in Skulduggery, led by the Elwood College alumni team who brought you Taletellers, with Harry Stone having written the script, Declan Mulcahy directing and Tully Mauritzen working as production and stage manager. 

The play will be on at 7:30 in the Phoenix Theatre from Wednesday 31st of July to Friday 2nd August, giving you three chances to see the show, and tickets are $15 for students/concession or $20 for adults. So, come on down to the Phoenix and support Elwood’s student actors and production team for a night of piracy and adventure! 

From writer Harry Stone:

It is a time of mischief, a time of thievery, a time of pirates!... But it actually isn’t. Turns out it’s 1729, and the pirates are either long retired or six feet under. Except for one Captain Morrigan, her trusty sidekick Billy, and their crew of annoyingly unruly rapscallions. Aboard The Broken Cutlass they journey for the island of Skulduggery, the last haven of the buccaneers, in a quest to restore piracy to the seven seas…   

Tickets are selling fast, so book yours at trybooking.com/bdqse or call 9531 9566

Poster for the 2019 Elwood College whole school production, 'Skulduggery', featuring a Pirates of the Caribbean-esque old rum bottle with a label with a skull and cross bones on it, and text that reads 'Elwood College presents Skulduggery, a swashbuckling adventure, written by Harry Stone, 31st July to 2nd August, Phoenix Theatre'. In the bottom left corner reads 'book tickets via 9531 9566 or trybooking.com/bdqse. Next to the rum bottle is a finely-cut glass and in front of the bottle is an unidentifiable, intricate silver object