Update on the building work – Term 4

Students have demonstrated great patience while the outdoor space on campus was at its smallest to accommodate the VCE exams and the building site for the new hockey pitch.

With the conclusion of the VCE exams, we were able to open the new three-storey building and the grassed field in front of it (increasing the accessible outdoor space for students).

The new building proved to be a quiet and welcoming exam centre, and this week classes have commenced in the building referred to as EC on the timetable.

The ground for the hockey pitch has been cleared and grading has commenced. From Wednesday (27/11), there will be ground stabilisation, which involves adding lime and cement mixture to the in- situ soil material. Once thoroughly mixed, a water cart will provide water to commence the chemical reaction process. A product of the chemical reaction is the discharge of water vapour. The discharge is not of any safety concern to the school or surrounding public.