Wild Applause for A Day of Sky

The buzz around school this week is all about the amazing whole school production held over three nights on August 2, 3 and 4.

Congratulations to all the students involved: so many wonderful performances, fantastic leadership and teamwork. Thank you to Jessica Carson, Matt Green, Jodie Paxton, John Harte, Dot Whellans, Marg Prest, Gordon Watson, Peter Turley and all the staff who helped create this major production.

A very special mention to Year 11 student Harrison Stone who took the showcase concept and turned it into a completely original script interwoven with well-known songs.

Director Jessica Carson wrote: "From commencement of rehearsals the students arrived with an open mind, ready to develop this piece of theatre through trial and error. They worked respectfully with others, creating a rehearsal space that was a safe place for all involved to try new things and practice and grow as performers, while collaboratively creating our performance."

Performer Georgie Stone wrote: "From a student perspective, it was inspiring to see the older students help the younger students with lines and performance. Each student was determined to get the job done and showed signs of comradeship with peers and teachers alike. We managed to put together an incredible original production that we are all proud of."

Photography by Year 10 student Copper Taylor- Bogaars.