Year 6 Transition Day

Orientation Day

Year 6 students visited Elwood College today for the first of three orientation days for next year’s Year 7 students. 

Over the course of the day, they participated in various activities and got to know te school, the teachers and their future peers.

Year 6s Kaleb, Oliver, Fodla and Anouk all had a fun day.

The four students spoke of how they were previously a little worried about making friends in high school, but found it really easy to make friends during the orientation.

Kaleb said he had fun making new friends and enjoyed the activities, particularly his English class with Ms Hutton. 

Oliver noted that high school is a big step up, but says now that it’s a lot easier than any of the Year 6s thought it would be. He said that he likes changes and is excited for a new experience. 

Overall, he liked how the transition day was run, giving you an idea of how to go to different classes, what recess and lunch are like, and so on - everything is different from primary school, but not so different, he said.  

Fodla and Anouk didn’t know each other beforehand, but each cited becoming friends as one of the highlights of their day.

Anouk said it was fun to meet Fodla and all her friends, which was the best part of the day. She is excited about a new opportunity to make new friends and become more mature.  

Fodla sees high school as a big step up from her small primary school, but she’s excited to meet lots of good people and have new teachers. 

She enjoyed meeting her new friend Anouk, learning what students from Years 7 to 12 do, and going somewhere very different from primary school. She noted that in primary school all her classes are in the one room, and she’s excited to be able to do experiments in the science labs. 

All in all, they had a great day!