Year 7 Stories

Starting Year 7 at Elwood College

On the first day year seven had you told me that I would be standing in front of the school in the fourth week with a medal around my neck, I would have told you to stop lying. Elwood already has given me so many amazing opportunities. What other school would I be swimming in an under-twenty’s relay! Even now right at the start I feel I have loads of people to hang out with in this incredible Elwood community. Thanks to the supporting staff, I have felt right at home starting school, and have already gained plenty of wonderful memories.     

By Alex Hutchins 7F

What i like about high school

High school was really scary for me. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I  worried every day about what it was going to be like. Kym was really helpful, along with Ms Bebbighton and the aids. The teachers, homework, hallways, lockers and everything else is different, but maybe it’s time to change. Change is a massive thing for me, from switching primary schools in year 5 to now, that’s a big change! I enjoy high school, the people and the learning. 

My 6 years of secondary school are going to change, big time!   

By Sam Higgins

The first four weeks of high school were just as I thought it would be but the only thing I didn’t expect was that I would make so many new groups of friends. I do prefer high school compared to primary school because you get the freedom and responsibility a year 7 should. I also liked how nice the staff are and they made me feel welcome and I’m sure they made others feel welcome too.  I excited to see how the next 6 years are.     

By Fodla Hammil 7D

Starting high school has been exciting but different, this school has really welcomed me although I was a little uneasy at first But now I feel like I’m fitting in very well.

The biggest challenge I’ve faced so far is homework as my primary school didn’t give us any so keeping control over it is challenging but fun.

Overall it has been an enjoyable transition and I look forward to what the future holds.   

By Jack Jillings 7A