In Term 1, we are trialling a new policy regarding mobile phone use. Students will not be able to use their phones from 9am until 3.20 pm (including recess and lunchtime). Phones should be kept at home or in their lockers at school.

The rationale for limiting phone use is to give students the space to focus on their learning.  Managing phone use in class has increasingly become a distraction to the learning program.

If parents need to contact their child over the course of the day, they can send an email directly to them or leave a message at the school office. 

At the end of term there will be a group of students, teachers and parents charged with the responsibility of writing a draft policy for mobile phone use at Elwood College, which will be submitted to the Education and Policy sub-committee for consideration.

We greatly appreciate your support in this.

Another year begins but this year, we have wonderful new classrooms and open-plan learning spaces to move into. Teachers and students are loving the light-filled spaces.

A special welcome to our Year 7 cohort. We have 180 students making up eight form classes. Elwood College is growing in size and space!

Renovations in our main building (G-Block) are now in full swing.

Work is still continuing on some aspects of the new building, including the canteen, which we expect will open within the fortnight.

Henry Lucas achieved a perfect study score of 50 in Visual Communication & Design, a particularly impressive feat given he completed the Year 12 subject during Year 11.

Congratulations Henry!

Twin brothers Frank and Ray Ward learned of their outstanding results while travelling in France.

Frank's 97.95 ATAR earned him the title of Class Dux. 

"I never expected to receive a score this high, it's amazing to see it. It has opened so many doors and I am grateful to Elwood College for helping me get there. At some point I hope to complete a post graduate in law but career-wise I am still undecided. Next year, however, with my results I should be able to get into the Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University. I couldn't have done it without my teachers who were ready to help, while fuelling my ambitions."

Ray's score of 94.95 was our third highest ATAR in 2017.

"I am really happy to receive this ATAR because it has got me into my first preference of Arts at Melbourne Uni. But it has also given me a lot of choice if I change my mind. At the moment I'm really interested in environmental sustainability and global development. The teaching staff were always supportive and available, which made my three years at Elwood College a very positive experience."

Sally achieved a 90.50 ATAR and is hopeful of studying pharmaceutical science at Monash University. "From there I can hopefully go onto a career based in scientific research and pharmaceuticals. My time at Elwood College has been instrumental to my love of science with the school being extremely supportive in my exploration of all fields of study."