More than 80 students joined in the Year 8 Summer Sports Day on Wednesday, 11 March. Our teams competed in tennis, volleyball and softball round robins against other schools from the Beachside Division.

All played well and showed great enthusiasm and sportsmanship, including our happy girls softball and tennis teams (pictured), who came second and third respectively in their competitions.




The Elwood College Outdoor Education Community Projects group took part in National Clean Up Australia day on Tuesday, 3 March. Vanessa Charles reports.

Congratulations to all the swimmers who helped Elwood win the Beachside Interschool Swimming Carnival for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!

We had 38 students participate in the March 10 carnival, allowing Elwood to field a swimmer in 82 out of 86 events. What a fantastic effort and a real show of the enthusiasm our students have for sport. 

Year 12 student Maddy Blay (pictured) reports on the Unit 3 Biology excursion to the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) in Parkville.

"Often excursions are hard to come by in Year 12, what with enormous amounts of work in school and added study at home. But the Biology excursion to GTAC last week was well worth it.

The Elwood College Basketball Academy has bounced into action for its inaugural year, with more than 60 students taking the opportunity to enjoy professional coaching on site before and after school.

There is a fantastic energy in the Tuesday and Thursday morning training sessions. Coach Mike Spears has the groups engaged and motivated throughout the 45-minute sessions, working on key skills before enjoying game practice.