English teacher Miss B-C (Ella Broughton-Cunningham) asked her 7C class to report on their first day of high school. Here is a selection of their comments:

Layla B “This morning I was nervous and excited but I feel quite comfortable being at another school. I’m looking forward to learning new subjects and getting to know everyone.”

Macoy “Now I feel more confident at Elwood. I am looking forward to next week and the next six years at Elwood.”

From rocket making to origami, students can look forward to fun, practical learning with our new physics and maths teacher Joe Liu.

There were thankfully no tears when 8C took a closer look at onions last week. Head of Science Jess Karunaratne took happy snaps. Thanks to students Chloe Gent and Teodora Boskovska for their reports.

Chloe: "In Year 8 science we are studying microbes and today we looked at a plant cell. We made our own onion slides to look at under the microscopes. We put blue dye on it so we could clearly see the cells. Everyone was able to have a look at each other’s and some people had different colours. I think everyone enjoyed having a look at the cells."

School Co-Captain Taylor Dale reports on the Step Up Seminar held on 3-4 February.

Year 12 is generally considered to be one of the most daunting years of schooling. With the stress of exams in the not too distant future, and the uncertainty of how to survive it all, the 2015 class of Year 12 was treated to a two-day seminar teaching us how to “step up” to the challenge.

Our Year 7s have had a fantastic start to high school. Thanks to Naomi James for this fantastic report on her first week at Elwood College. Naomi is pictured here (centre) with new friends Molly and Aurora.