Hello everyone

We had a wonderful visit from our sister school Obu Higashi High School in the first week of August. Thank you to the families who generously hosted the students in their homes and helped to give them a memorable 'Elwood experience'. As you can see from these photos, much fun was had and lasting friendships forged.

In building news, all is progressing well and we have scheduled the demolition of B Block for the September school holidays. We look forward to the new building's official opening on Sunday, 26 November to coincide with Elwood College's 60th anniversary celebrations (although we anticipate students will be enjoying their new learning environments earlier in Term 4).

I would like to congratulate all the students, staff and parents who contributed to the school production earlier this month. 'A Day of Sky' was just jaw-dropping to me - both in terms of our students' awesome talents but also the leadership, teamwork and creativity they demonstrated in creating this original show. 

Elwood College is delighted to have been appointed a Leading School in the new Respectful Relationships program being delivered in all Victorian schools to help combat family violence. As well as reviewing our own school to ensure we model positive relationships and attitudes, we will be guiding other schools to do the same. The fact that Elwood College has been chosen as a leader in this field demonstrates, to me, so much about what makes our school special.

On that note, the Department of Education is currenty running a survey to gauge parents’ perception of school climate, student engagement and relationships with our parent community. This is a state-wide survey in all schools but Elwood College will receive its survey results to help inform our planning and improvement strategies. You can complete the survey at:

Finally, I will be joining our Year 10 and 11 students on the France study tour on 7-27 September. Todd Asensio will be acting principal while I am away.

Warm Regards,
Rhonda Holt

Sacha Guggenheimer attended Elwood College 2001-2004. She is a marine biologist and underwater photographer who now lives and works on Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth, Western Australia. She is passionate about continuing research on protection of the Great Southern Right Whale and is pictured above swimming with a whale shark on Ningaloo Reef.

“I was in the Steiner stream at Moorabbin Heights Primary School and enrolled in the new Steiner stream at Elwood College in 2001. I remember there was a real diverse crowd of students at Elwood, from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. The teachers in the Steiner program were all lovely, but none of them were Steiner trained and it was hard for me to learn. In Year 8 I moved into a mainstream class.

Miss Ireland taught me science and she really inspired me. She went beyond and above to keep us students motivated and excited by science and engineering. I remember really enjoying classes with her where we designed carts and turbines. Miss Ireland really enriched my life. I went on summer camps that she organised at Coowinda in the Gippsland Lakes, and us city kids had an awesome time with camping and canoeing.”

After Year 12 Sacha enrolled in an Engineering/Arts degree at Monash University but discovered her real passion was in marine and freshwater biology. She studied Marine Biology at James Cook University and went onto work as a research assistant at Curtin University in WA where she investigated the acoustic communication of humpback whales and pygmy blue whale populations in the Indian and Southern oceans.

She is now in her third season working on Ningaloo Reef where she works with a company that takes tourists swimming with whale sharks and on humpback whale tours between April and September.

She and her partner have also been involved in expedition cruises with naturalists, oceanographers and marine biologists of the Seychelles, Madagascar, Maldives and India.

Along with a friend, Sacha has organised and run the Rye “Seaside Scavenge” for the past three years where people are invited to pick up rubbish from the beach, have it sorted and weighed and then the data entered into the Australian marine debris database. In 2018, the “Scavenge” will occur at St Kilda beach on January 14.

The Seaside Scavenge mission is to “inspire communities to scavenge, catalogue and dispose of litter appropriately and change their consumption of single use plastics to keep our ocean clean”.


The buzz around school this week is all about the amazing whole school production held over three nights on August 2, 3 and 4.

Congratulations to all the students involved: so many wonderful performances, fantastic leadership and teamwork. Thank you to Jessica Carson, Matt Green, Jodie Paxton, John Harte, Dot Whellans, Marg Prest, Gordon Watson, Peter Turley and all the staff who helped create this major production.

A very special mention to Year 11 student Harrison Stone who took the showcase concept and turned it into a completely original script interwoven with well-known songs.

Director Jessica Carson wrote: "From commencement of rehearsals the students arrived with an open mind, ready to develop this piece of theatre through trial and error. They worked respectfully with others, creating a rehearsal space that was a safe place for all involved to try new things and practice and grow as performers, while collaboratively creating our performance."

Performer Georgie Stone wrote: "From a student perspective, it was inspiring to see the older students help the younger students with lines and performance. Each student was determined to get the job done and showed signs of comradeship with peers and teachers alike. We managed to put together an incredible original production that we are all proud of."

Photography by Year 10 student Copper Taylor- Bogaars.

Our Year 9 and 10 girls represented Elwood College in Intermediate Basketball on Tuesday 25 July.
Coached by Miss Moloney, the girls won two out of four games at Monash University and finished fifth out of eight teams.
Here is a picture Year 9 student Molly Cleveland shooting for goal.

Term 2 High Achiever Awards were presented at a morning tea on 31 July. This time awards were based on outstanding academic achievement. 

Congratulations to the following students. 

Year 7: Lily Walker, Will McCarthy, Monica Ising, Harry Phillips, Timna Shushan, Lily Lau, Sophie Woods, Addy Arya, Eden Saunders, Ines Jost, Georgia Skewes, Tyra Matuauto, Ali Thomas, Oskar Bakos and Maggie Lambrechts.  

Year 8: Jerry Yan, Caleb Collano, Zeta Hamilton Durkin, Blanche Flaster, Clark Soroczynski, Riya Vyas, Amy Richardson, Kitty Smyth, Flynn Richardson, Natasha Hortis, Jack Mardling and Rowan Daly.

Year 9: Lily Rekittke, Faith Roderick, Layla-Jade Bartrouney, Brier Mclean, Sophia Hodych, Max Phillips, Neelu Sidhu, Louis Alderson, Duke Wilson and Victoria Zheng.

Year 10: Thea Davey, Hugo Radovanovic , Harper Massey, Sabrina Phillips, Catherine Oliver , Catalina Acuna, Monique Bauer, Pollyanna Carveth, Chloe Gent and Ruby Woods.

Year 11: Jack Steedman, Henry Lucas, Niamh Mulcahy, Zoe Eyles, Finlea Daniels, Jonathon Zuk, Harry Stone, Vadhana Anil Ram, Georgie Stone and Jikyeong Jeong.

Year 12: Liza Clerehan, Raymond Ward, Jayde Elvey, Jingyun Wu, Caitlyn Deane, Anton Merakovsky, Franklin Ward, Oliver Woods, Sally Davis and Finn Jones.