The following students received awards on Presentation Night.

Year 12 Special Awards

College Councillors’ Award: Liza Clerehan

Outstanding Contribution to College Life Award: Paul Pekaj

Outstanding Dedication to VCE Studies Award: Jayde Elvey

International Student Award: Gabriela Turella Mielzynski and Jingyun (Ainy) Wu

Creative Contribution Award: Zali Guecia-Ghelardini

The Melanie Jones Trophy (Sports Contribution Award): Kye Gray


Year 11

Academic Achievement: Hugh Cowie, Zoe Eyles, Jikyeong Jeong, Leslie Kirkness, Henry Lucas and Georgie Stone.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Kiki Jin and Harrison Stone.

Senior Sports (Year 11 & 12): Maeve Brown, Sally Davis, Nelson Gray and Liam Harari.

Citizenship: Jacques Steedman.



Accounting: Niles Wang

Biology: Maeve Brown (Year 11 student)

Business Management: Dae Szydlik

Chemistry: Jonathan Zuk (Year 11)

Chinese As A First Language: Jingyun Wu

English: Liza Clerehan

English As An Additional Language: Jingyun Wu

Food Technology: Jayde Elvey

French: Liza Clerehan

Further Maths: Qikun Sui

Geography: Zali Guecia-Ghelardini

Health & Human Development: Dae Szydlik

History - Revolutions: Frank Ward

Informatics: Vadhana Anil Ram (Year 11)

Japanese As A Second Language: Shiyu Chen

Literature: Oliver Woods

Maths Methods: Jingyun (Ainy) Wu

Media: Niamh Mulcahy (Year 11)

Music - Solo Performance: Georgie Stone (Year 11)

Physics: Jonathan Zuk (Year 11)

Psychology: Finlea Daniels (Year 11)

Studio Arts: Zali Guecia-Ghelardini

Visual Communication & Design: Henry Lucas (Year 11)

The following students received awards at Presentation Night.

Year 9

Academic Achievement: Vylette Besas, Riley Griss, Stanley Ka, Mathias Loft, Faith Rodrick and Victoria Zheng.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Henry Manallack and Faith Rodrick.

Sports: India Ross-Lawson and Marlon Trevitt.

Citizenship: Duke Wilson.

Duke of Edinburgh Award: Lenie Chin, Eva Freeman, Jordie Gray, Megan Hall, Sophia Hodych, Skye Lolicato-Welsh, Brier McLean, Charlotte Millar, Lily Rekittke, Declan Sicari, Neelu Sidhu and Harriet Woods.


Year 10

Academic Achievement: Thomas Finch, Harper Massey, Catherine Oliver, Sabrina Phillips, Hugo Radovanovic and Ruby Woods.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Sabrina Phillips and Harry Steedman.

Sports: Catherine Oliver and Evan Warman.

Citizenship: Raffy Blay.


Elwood College Basketball Academy 

Outstanding Achievement Award: Elijah McMeekan (Year 9)

Coaches’ Excellence Award: Ruby Woods (Year 10)

Congratulations to our Year 7 and 8 award winners, who received their awards at Presentation Night.

Year 7

Academic Achievement: Monica Ising, Finn Kluge, Maggie Lambrechts, Lily Lau, William McCarthy and Eden Saunders.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Aditya Arya and Gigi McQueen.

Sports: Briealyn Bartleet and William McCarthy.

Citizenship: Timna Shushan.


Year 8

Academic Achievement: Blanche Flaster, Amy Richardson, Nicholas Sinodinos, Oliver Smith, Kitty Smyth and Felix Tam.

Arts (Visual & Performing): Zeta Hamilton-Durkin and Zisis Zikos.

Sports: Spencer Curran and Enya Talbot.

Citizenship: Kitty Smyth.


Elwood College Basketball Academy

Outstanding Achievement AwardAlexandra Thomas (Year 7)

Coaches’ Excellence Award: Nicholas Kearney (Year 8)

The day our basketball courts became a skate park! Our Year 7s had a 'wheely' great time learning to skate, as part of their academic progression activities moving into Year 8.

Our second Year 7 orientation day was a success on Thursday, 24 November. The Grade 6 students had fun in the science lab, met key Junior Schoo staff and got to know students from other primary schools. We will see our 2018 Year 7s one more time before the year ends on the Statewide Transition Day on 12 December.