Year 11 student Zoe Eyles reports: This year’s Great Victorian Bike Ride was definitely dramatic while it lasted – we were riding 111 flat kilometres in sweltering heat one day, and being drenched in rain rolling up and down a beautiful hilly landscape the next. Besides getting up at 5:30am to cycle, the queues and setting up/taking down tents each day, we enjoyed spending time at the beaches, visiting the towns we stopped in, having night-time card championships, our daily awards ceremony, being subjected to terrible jokes (chiefly Mr Purcell) and getting to know new people. The event was finally cancelled on account of the torrential downpour, but let the record show that we stuck it out until the end, one of the few schools left camping in the flooded football field. Thanks to all the teachers, parents and other students for making the 2017 Great Vic so much fun.

Year 10 student Hugo Radovanovic explains the memorable moment in the final image: This photo of Noah (Bakos) and I was taken on one of the hottest and longest days of The Great Victorian Bike Ride 2017. We thought as a bit of a laugh that we would impersonate one of the most unique styles of cycling fashion Europe has to offer so "WE WENT EURO". After we decided on the look, we needed to emphasise it and really make it memorable. The both of us turned around quietly to make sure no one noticed us, we hid behind some bushes and waited for our riding group to realise we were gone and head back our way. Once we spotted them coming back, we came out from the bushes on our bikes (Euro style) - giving everyone a solid laugh and a memorable moment of this year's Great Vic.

Thanks to Scott Burton, Tessa Henley and Tim Purcell, who again ably guided our crew on the journey.

Parents Paula Harding, Tim Gray, Fiona Clothier, Randall McDonnell, Christiane Mueller, David Roche and former student/parent team Niamh and Fred Clarke joined us as helpers on the ride. They were also instrumental in coaching and supporting students on all the training rides, along with Simon Willshire, Alex Commeignes, Louise Roche, Dean Clothier and Alison Raaymakers (who was also present and assisting Seahorses on the ride while being a Bicycle Network volunteer). Thank you to all these parents and friends: they really do make the Great Vic possible every year.

Congratulations to Georgie Stone and D'artagnan Holt on being named College Captains for their final year at Elwood College. Both have been very active participants in College life since they started here.

Thank you to our outgoing Captains Anton Merakovsky and Liza Clerehan (second picture) who did a wonderful job leading the student body and representing the College at many formal events in 2017.

Anton and Liza formally handed over the reins to Georgie and D'Art at Presentation Evening.

Here's what D'Art and Georgie had to say about their new roles:

D'Art: "Looking ahead to 2018, we are very excited to be moving into the new space, and we are privileged as College Captains to help share the opportunities we have had in the past five years to each member of the College community. With a growing student body, it is paramount that we grow together celebrating diversity in an inclusive safe community while fostering academic, creative and sporting excellence. I am humbled to be College Captain and honoured to be working with Georgie. See you in 2018!"

Georgie: "This school, and all the staff and students in it, have supported us so much. They have not only taught us, but also shaped us, grown with us. We both want to give back to our community as best we can. I look forward to being able to work with the students, teachers and of course, D’Art, to help further the growth of our great school. In particular, I want to use my connection with a vast array of students and teachers to promote diversity and inclusiveness, and encourage others to speak up."

A message from the City of Port Phillip:

Our City is growing - with more and more people sharing our streets and our spaces. How do we fit more people into the same amount of space without impacting the things we value most?

Council is developing an Integrated Transport Strategy, which will set the direction for the way we use our streets, including transport, parking and great places.

Please visit Council's Have Your Say website for more information, including the following:

  • Watch the short video (link to YouTube)
  • Read the Fast Facts Summary (302kb PDF)
  • Read the Position Paper outlining Council's current ideas on what needs to be achieved to address Port Phillip's transport problem (5.05mb DOCX)

Take the survey and help shape the Integrated Transport Strategy before Monday 4 December 2017.

There was yet another fantastic effort by our school community at the City2Sea fun run, with 18 volunteers raising more than $500 for the college.
Our crew handed out medals, food and drink at the finish line and helped run baggage collection at Catani Park, St Kilda on Sunday 12 November. 
Head of Physical Education Emma Robbins said: "Everyone was outstanding. When things got busy we filled and handed out 1500 cups of water in 20 minutes! We also had fun cheering on Mr Alexander who was running on the day." Year 12 Learning Leader James Alexander is pictured here with Miss Robbins at the finish line.
A huge thank you to: Miss Robbins (who was also volunteering her time); parents Melinda Mancell and Sharina and Neale Delves; and students Bonnie Grining, Maggie Lambrechts, Eliza Fry, Sayler Delves, Brie Bartleet, Sophia Hodych, Choekyi Tenzin, Blanche Flaster, Angus Murphy, Liam Murphy, Holly Elms and Renee Warman.
The money will go towards sports equipment.
Also pictured are Bang Wombat band members Marven Lim and Jackson Clothier performing en route.

Hello Everyone

After a fantastic finish to their school education (including a wonderful Valedictory Dinner with family and friends), our Year 12s are now well into their second week of exams, which are taking place in the Science and Language Centre.  As they entered their first exam last week (English), it was hard to believe that this would be the last time that they assembled as a ‘whole’ group at school.  We look forward to their official farewell at Presentation Night on 22 November at St Kilda Town Hall. Whether your child is an award recipient or part of the performance program or not, it would be wonderful to have you come along with your child and celebrate the successes of the year. 

While the building work continues to accelerate in what feels like continually diminishing grounds (at the moment), our students have been fantastic – without complaint. We are now slightly behind in the construction schedule. The estimated new building ‘handover’ date is 12 December 2017. It looks fantastic from the outside and ‘absolutely’ fantastic from the inside!  So the wait will be well worth it.  

Refurbishment has now commenced on the second floor of the Glenhuntly Road building.  The estimated completion date for the second floor is the first day of the new school year.  Refurbishment on the first floor and in the admin area will commence in December with an estimated completion by the end of February 2018.

The last of our ‘old’ buildings will be demolished in March 2018.

With increasing numbers, a new modular three-storey building will also be in place by March 2018 and in December this year we are expecting the arrival of two brand new, air-conditioned portables to provide additional teaching and learning spaces.

Our Environment Committee is now working on our grounds master plan, which will provide direction for all work over the next few years.  Students have provided feedback as to what they would like to have access to during their recess and lunchtime breaks. 

Lots of interesting reports and fantastic student photos further in this newsletter – from sport and camps to performing arts.  

Please set aside a little bit of time on Sunday 26 November (between 1pm and 4pm) to help celebrate our 60th birthday.

Warm Regards
Rhonda Holt