Students have demonstrated great patience while the outdoor space on campus was at its smallest to accommodate the VCE exams and the building site for the new hockey pitch.

With the conclusion of the VCE exams, we were able to open the new three-storey building and the grassed field in front of it (increasing the accessible outdoor space for students).

The new building proved to be a quiet and welcoming exam centre, and this week classes have commenced in the building referred to as EC on the timetable.

Year 9 student Brie Bartleet reports on the middle school Aquatics and Marine Studies class Surf Camp:

Year 9 student Monica Ising reports on the 2019 France Study Tour


If you couldn’t tell or somehow missed the millions of daily Instagram posts, we went to France! It was the most amazing adventure and we all had the time of our lives. We spent five days in Paris, five days in Bordeaux, where we would stay with our host families and go to school, three nights in Avignon, two nights in Nice, two nights in Lyon and back to Paris again before heading home.