Expressions of interest are invited for a Basketball Summer League hosted by Chase Basketball (which runs the Elwood College Basketball Academy). Competition will commence in November 2017 at Albert Park College. The league will run for 12 weeks.

Leagues will be available for boys and girls from under 12’s (1/7/2005 – 30/6/2007) and under 14’s (1/7/2003 – 30/6/2005) age levels. The girls’ league will run on Thursday nights from 4:30pm to 8:30pm and the boys’ league will run on Saturday afternoons from 1:50pm to 6:50pm.

Games will be played with 18-minute halves and two referees provided for each game. Game days will have no parking or stadium entry fees and scorers will also be provided for each game so parents won’t have to score!

Head to our website and register your interest by filling out our expression of interest form. *Team and Individual Registrations Welcome.

Sunday Fleet, Year 9 (pictured top left): "I loved everything about the trip. I loved how different France was to Australia and I loved the way we as a group got to experience things we may never get to see or do again. We got to learn so much about the interesting history behind many different parts of France that we visited and I am so grateful that I was able to go and also become closer with others on the trip."

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Term 4. 

I want to take this opportunity to address the importance of attendance in building learning success for our students. The building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school each and every day.

Although giving your child an occasional ‘day off’ may seem harmless, missing school can have a big impact on students academically and socially. There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can have a ‘snowball effect’ on their confidence in the classroom and beyond.

If a student is feeling anxious or resentful about school, the unfortunate truth is that missing school will only magnify those negative emotions.

If you’re having attendance issues with your child, we would like to discuss how we can assist. Please phone 9531 9566 to arrange an appointment with your child’s Year Level Coordinator as soon as possible.

Although there are obviously examples of when a day at home is appropriate (such as genuine illness), we ask parents and caregivers to think twice before letting your child have a “day off”. When an absence really cannot be avoided, it is vital that students speak with their classroom teachers immediately as to how they can catch up on missed classes.

We hope we can work together with parents on achieving excellent attendance for every child – and seeing their confidence grow in the classroom and beyond.

Pictured here are some memories from the France study tour in September. It was a delight to travel with 20 of our Year 8, 9 and 10 students and to see them make the most of the experiences on offer. You can read some of their memories later in the newsletter. Thank you to Greg Pritchard and teachers Alban Girard and Joanna Bolding for the care, knowledge and fun they shared with our students on this trip.

Warm Regards

Rhonda Holt

Our Year 12s are now deep into their final exams. We wish them all the best in the final leg of their Elwood College journey.

Their Celebration Day was a fantastic event, starting with a BBQ breakfast and ending with a Valedictory dinner. As these photos show, both students and staff embraced the opportunity to dress up on the final day.

Congratulations to Class Valedictorians Jingyun (Ainy) Wu and Liza Clerehan.

Here is Jingyun's speech:

I'm so proud to be here with Liza as a Valedictorian. Maybe I should start with a big thank to everyone in Year 12. Thanks for believing in me to represent the whole year level, and for your friendship and support these last three years. 

I still can remember when I first walked into Elwood College in 2014. I thought, “Nice, cool, this looks like a park”. I remember at that time, the Year 9s still had their own building next to the G block and the library was still standing in front of the Science and Language Centre.

We have all had an amazing time in Elwood College. A lot of funny things have happened throughout the whole year. I will always remember Mr Alexander’s message to ‘chip, chip away’ to keep us motivated. Sometimes teachers say wise things and sometimes they don't. For example in my physics class. As I said in my introduction, my name is Jingyun, and Mr Barr just couldn't pronounce my name, so he ended up calling me ‘chicken wing’. I mean, I like eating chicken wings, but I might not choose to keep this nickname.

Joking aside, we need to say thank you to all the teachers and peers that we met throughout our lives in Elwood, especially to Ms Hutton and Mr Alexander for their work keeping us on track in Year 12. As an international student, we want to say thank you to Ms Stella and Mr Spring, thank you for looking after us for both our life and study. And I personally want to say thank you to Ms Tran, Mrs McDonald, Ms Pritchard, and Mr Barr. Thanks for helping us through our course work and giving our class many tips for university life. We are so glad we met lots of good people here. Now, I want to represent the whole Year 12, to say thank you to every parent, teacher and peer who has helped us become better! Thank you!

Elwood College will again be volunteering at the City2Sea fun run on Sunday 12 November, helping behind the scenes as a fundraising effort for the college. Friends and family most welcome to join students on the day. Please contact Miss Robbins or email if you can assist.

Year 10 students Marven Lim and Jackson Clothier will be playing en route with their band Bang Wombat. Marven performed solo last year and enjoyed it so much he's back with a new bandmate.
Here is the bio for their band Bang Wombat! (penned by Marven in the hope of "sounding as ridiculous and corny as possible"):

Two young mop haired men set up on the stage. One sits down behind a drum set, a magic wand in each hand. The other filthy lay-about is visibly nervous, with his hair hanging in his face. Though there is fear, there is bravery in him as he hangs his guitar around his neck. The stage lights turn on, and they are introduced to a screaming crowd. They are both in a daze as they stare down at the wave of people before them. A few words muttered by the singer before he starts playing. Slowly the drummer begins to drum roll louder and louder building the snare to a roar; it sounds as if the room is about to collapse. All of a sudden it all comes together, becoming a unit, an eclipsing epitome of rock ’n’ roll.  They are Bang Wombat.