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The Elwood College Council consists of the principal, four teacher representatives, six elected parent representatives and co-opted community members.

All councillors, other than the principal, serve two-year terms on a split system, with one half of council commencing in one year and the other half the following year. School council elections for parent representatives are held in February each year.

The council meets twice every term at 6:15pm on a Tuesday (14 June, 9 August, 13 September, 25 October and 6 December 2016). Sub-committee meetings are generally held a fortnight prior to the main council meeting each month and start from 6:00pm onwards.


School Council (until March 2017)

President (parent): Michael Mulcahy

Principal: Rhonda Holt

Parent representatives: Colin Coster, Wendy Dunstan, Clive Greenwood, Betsy Kerrison, Raj Sidhu

Co-opted community member: Sue Constable

Department (DET) representatives: Bridget Kosla-Brown (visitor), Scott Burton, Nick England, John Weisheit

Minutes: Christina Delaney


School Council Sub-Committees (until March 2017)


Clive Greenwood (Convenor)

Rhonda Holt

Bridget Kosla-Brown

John Weisheit

Jim Litsas


Education & Policy

Colin Coster (Convenor)

Angela Pollock

Andrea Gray

Liza Hopkins

Megan Knight


Buildings & Grounds

Rhonda Holt (Convenor)

Wendy Dunstan

Michael Mulcahy

Raj Sidhu

Scott Burton


Parent Group

Juliette Armstrong

Andrea Bolton

Deb Carveth

Yvette Eyles

Jane Harding

Paula Harding

Anne Murphy

Anna O'Brien

Nicole Pride

Hanna Richardson

Louise Roche

Shayne Sidhu

Vicki Wilson

Scott Burton

Nick England


All councillors can be contacted through the college on 9531 9566 or at

For more information on the roles and responsibilities of school council, visit